Friday, October 14, 2016

Dasia Turns 18 and Becomes a TV Star!

The Dasia Doll is Turning 18 years Old and Coming to Life in a Web Series Called Campus Crimes

The return of Big Beautiful Doll Dasia at 18

It has been almost 18 years since the Big Beautiful Dolls hit the doll scene.  Dasia was the African American doll in the trio which included Dena and Dawn.  Creator, Audrey Bell-Kearney, wanted to celebrate Dasia in a huge way for her 18th birthday.  The first thing she decided to do was create a 1,500 limited-edition Dasia doll.  In this edition Dasia is wearing the same dress that Audrey’s daughter wore at 18 years old to her senior prom.  Audrey wanted to share this exciting news with the readers of this blog.  According to Audrey, "It has been many years since the doll has been out, so this limited edition will sell out quick!"

Dasia is shown above wearing a replica of the dress Audrey's daughter wore at age 18 to her prom.

The other thing Audrey wants to share is she is bringing Dasia to life in a new show that she is producing for her Internet TV network, HerTube TV.  The show is called Campus Crimes.  Dasia plays a college student who has aspirations of becoming an FBI agent, so whenever something happens on the campus of Walnut Grove University, Dasia and her friends always get involved.


When Audrey had the idea for Dasia, it was 1999.  She further explains, 

I launched Big Beautiful Dolls and started selling the dolls, but after about 5 years I was totally burned out, so I stopped producing them.  Now here I am many years later bringing Dasia, who was my top seller, back to life for real.  We’ve found a really beautiful young lady named Racquel to play the role of Dasia in Campus Crimes.  It’s so cool to make this happen and bring Dasia to life.  We have a wonderful supporting cast for Campus Crimes.  My intention is to release a new LE of Dasia once or twice a year.  This time I have a team, so I don’t worry about getting burned out because I learned a lot.  One key thing I learned is that you can’t do everything by yourself.   That may sound like a cliché, but it’s the truth.

Things have changed a lot over the past 18 years, but our manufacturer is still our partner and is willing to work with us to produce this limited edition Dasia.  The first time we introduced her to the world was huge because she was the first plus-size fashion doll.  Now she is the first plus-size fashion doll that will be played by a real person in a TV show.  Our goal is to produce the show for many years to come.  We want to create a fan base for the show and the doll.

Preorders are now being accepted for Dasia with proposed arrival in June 2017.  This is a special limited edition and won’t last long.  To reserve your limited edition 18th Birthday Dasia, go to and please enter the code DGDOLL at checkout.  

To see who is playing Dasia in real life go to www.CampusCrimes.TV where you will see Racquel and the entire cast of Campus Crimes

About Audrey:

Audrey is the CEO of HerTube Media Network and the founder of  www.HerTube.TV,  which can be seen on Roku and on the HerTube TV app on Amazon, Apple Store and Google Play Store.  For more information about HerTube Media Network, go to To reach Audrey contact her by email:  Audrey@HerTube.TV or by phone:  770-765-7315.


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