Monday, September 5, 2016

Introduction to Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black

To continue to serve those who love, make, and collect black dolls, through the written word, this blog will focus on doll makers and doll collectors.  Without those who make dolls, loving, collecting, and owning them would be impossible.  Without those who patronize those who make them, their work (the dolls) would go unnoticed.

This blog will also allow posts about the makers and collectors to stand apart from my other doll musings published on my original blog, Black Doll Collecting.  Because most will be written in magazine article form, posts will be lengthy.  To help readers with limited reading time maintain an interest, posts will be published in multiple parts, but on the same day.  Readers may choose to read one part and the others later or read all parts during one reading session by linking from one post to the next.

These articles on doll makers and collectors that could have been published in major doll publications (and died there after the issues have circulated), will have a forever place here on the Internet and can be read and found through proper Internet searches for many years to come (and as long as the Blogspot format exists). Doll makers', doll collectors', and doll lovers' voices, their shared thoughts, desires, inspirations, and intentions will live here infinitely.

I wish to thank all readers in advance who have supported me in the past.  I hope to gain the same support and more with this project.

For helping me create the name of this blog (and she will not know this until she reads the blog announcement post over at Black Doll Collecting), I wish to thank Betty Ativie.  Betty has been a devoted doll friend, supporter, and reader of my work for the past several years.   Thank you, Betty!  I truly appreciate you and the encouragement you lend!

I hope everyone enjoys the first four-part post, which is dedicated to early American doll maker, Leo Moss, who deserves recognition for his ingenious doll making expertise.



  1. Love your continued work in bringing us the latest and greatest in Black doll Collecting.


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